3 Residential Plumbing Problems That Need Immediate Attention

From leaking pipes to clogged drains and toilets, plumbing problems can manifest themselves in many different forms. However, one thing that is common to all plumbing concerns is that they cause inconvenience. Moreover, they can also lead to plumbing disasters.

To help you out, we have a list of 3 most common residential plumbing issues. While these plumbing issues may seem like simple problems, if not resolved well in time, they can lead to serious complications including back-up and flooding in your house.

Leaking Pipes

Leakage in your pipes is a very common problem that is not always related to the age of your plumbing fixtures. Even new pipes can leak and are often reflected in terms of high water bills. With leakages, you not only end up wasting a lot more water but you can also weaken the foundations of your house. In case a concealed pipe that is leaking, you can identify the leakage through:

  • Dampness, mold growth or discoloration on walls especially around bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry rooms,
  • Wet spots on your carpet or floor,
  • Musty smell in the house,
  • Poor water pressure in faucets around the house,
  • The constant sound of water flowing behind walls.

Leakages can occur in any type of pipes; however, repairing or replacing a leaking pipe is often not a DIY task. Therefore, it is best to call a professional plumber to resolve this issue. Moreover, it is important to rectify the problem of leakages as soon as possible before it creates havoc in your house.

Clogged Drains

Another common plumbing concern is clogged drains. While it seems to be a petty issue that does not cause much trouble, it is a serious plumbing concern that needs immediate attention. Clogged drains may become the breeding ground for bacteria and create serious hygiene issues in the house that can affect the health of your family. Moreover, when clogged drains become a persistent issue, it can damage the health of your pipes as well. Therefore, in the case of recurring clogged drains, it is best to call a professional plumber who can help resolve your issue.

Blocked Toilets

Apart from clogged drains, blocked toilets are also a serious plumbing concern. It is common for households to experience blocked toilets especially when they have kids around who flush down items that are not supposed to land in the toilets. Once blocked, toilets can back up and result in a mess that can be detrimental to the health and hygiene of your family. Therefore, as soon as you notice strange sounds and foul odor from your toilet, make sure you get it checked by a professional plumber.

There are numerous other common plumbing problems that can arise in a residential property such as low water pressure, sump pump failure, and leaking faucets. It is best to seek the services of a professional plumber who also provide emergency plumbing services.