5 Reasons You Need a Skilled Commercial Plumber for Your Office Building

Any problems with the plumbing should be immediately addressed to prevent any massive messes. Plumbing work is important for residential and commercial setups alike. However, many people think that they can have the same plumber work at their office who works at their homes without realizing how different residential and commercial plumbing is.

There are numerous reasons why you should only hire a commercial plumber for your office building. Residential and commercial plumbing is contrastingly different. Let’s have a look at how commercial plumbing is different in detail below.

1.     Large Area

A commercial building is much larger in size than any residential setup. The commercial plumbing is spread over a large area and, thus, involves more pipes, outlets, and fittings. Unlike a maximum of 2 or 3 bathrooms in a home, an office has numerous bathrooms and that too, on each floor. A licensed commercial plumber understands the differences in the plumbing plans and knows the right way to go about it.

2.     Multiple Floors

Most homes comprise of two floors at max whereas, a commercial building comprises of numerous floors. There is no way you can compare a high-rise commercial building with your two-story villa. Each floor has its own toilets and sinks. To keep plumbing problems at bay, you need to maintain the right pressure of water, more so if the building is multiple-floored. Only a licensed commercial plumber can understand the role of gravity and water pressure to keep the plumbing in a fully-functional state.

3.     More Complexity

Commercial buildings are more complex than a residential setup. With more complexities in the plumbing plan, the chances of more problematic issues arising also increase. There is a lot that can go wrong. A residential plumber only knows enough to tackle minor, small-scale problems. A licensed commercial plumber, on the other hand, has more knowledge and expertise needed to work the way through commercial plumbing.

4.     Industry-Specific Plumbing Needs

The plumbing needs of different industries are different. A plumber who is an expert at installation and repair of plumbing work at one commercial setup may not be skilled enough to work in a setup that is contrastingly different. A residential plumber is more accustomed to dealing with only minor pipe leaks or breaks. Since every industry has specific plumbing needs, only a licensed commercial plumber, who has adequate experience in the field can do the job right.

5.     Unclear Root Cause

If you were considering giving your home plumber a call to get your office bathroom clog fixed, you should drop the idea right away. A clog in a bathroom in your home could be due to the blockage on its respective pipeline. However, a clog in the bathroom at your office could be due to a blockage anywhere in the common pipeline that is running through different floors. It is extremely challenging to pinpoint a root cause of a problem in commercial plumbing, which is why you should only rely on a commercial plumber.


Now that you know how commercial plumbing differs from residential plumbing, you’ll better understand why you should only hire a licensed commercial plumber for your office.