6 Common Plumbing Issues in Summer

With the summers in full swing and the vacation break all over the country, it is the best time to have an inspection of the house for any plumbing issues. Some common plumbing issues are bound to happen, whether there is a housefull in your apartment or a gathering at a pool house by the beach. To help you identify them, here is a list and the ways to tackle each issue to some extent.

6 Common Plumbing Issues in Summers

Clogged Toilets

One of the most common issues that you can face is clogged toilets. Most families have relatives or friends who come over to spend time or celebrate Independence week together in July; while it is a very good time to strengthen your bond, the overworked toilets because frequent flushing can ruin the vibe.

To ensure that toilets are always working at their total capacity, use an organic toilet paper that degrades on its own and ask everyone in the house only to flush that. Secondly, always have a plunger nearby for emergency purposes. Calling a professional plumber before the summer vacation for inspection is an excellent preventive measure that a person can take.

Sprinkler Malfunctioning

If you have mowed your lawns or simply started watering your grass more, a sprinkler malfunctioning can occur. Sometimes mowers can damage the heads of the sprinklers, or there can be leaks in the water pipes connected to them. Overuse of sprinkler systems can also malfunction the sensors in the system. If this happens, then calling a plumbing service is a must.


Another common issue we identified is flooding in the basement due to the malfunctioning of the sump pump that helps remove water accumulated in the sump basin. It usually happens due to overwork caused by the monsoon season and excessive rainfall; especially if you live in Arizona chances of rainfalls are higher in summers.

Washing Machine Overload

Summers can also be a burden for a washing machine; with the frequency of showers increasing daily to cancel out heat and more people taking a bath, the laundry load increases thrice. There are chances that it could overflow, or the drain pipes will get clogged faster than usual. Consider doing laundry in small batches and frequently check all the points in and out of the machine for clogging.

Shower Drains Clog

The rate of showers increases, and so do the chances of drain clogging. The drains must not be completely locked, it is better to put a mesh on the drain hole that would hold the hair, and you can clean the mesh by taking out the hair.

Leaky Roofs

Leakage in roofs is a common occurrence in monsoon season, primarily if the rainwater drains are not regulating the water as they should. The water can seep into the roof, allowing bacteria and mold to infest the house. It can be a serious issue because leaky roofs lead to wetness in walls that severely damage the structure of the house.

The perfect way to relax in summer is to check for all the issues beforehand. If you encounter any of the above problems, the best way to solve them is by calling a plumbing service for an inspection.