Are Flushable Wipes Safe to Flush? | Plumbers in Mesa, AZ

Using a wet wipe instead of the old toilet paper can definitely be life-changing. We sure did get hooked since it can feel a lot cleaner than the toilet paper. But while they really help with the clean-up, they may not be quite the hero we imagined them to be. Expert plumbers in Mesa, AZ, break down whether flushable wipes are actually safe for the plumbing of your home.

Flushable Wipes

There are many types of wet wipes that are marked as ‘septic-safe’ or ‘flushable’, so a lot of us may assume that there would be no issues with throwing them down the toilet bowl. Professional plumbers in Mesa, AZ, say that we are wrong!

Such wet wipes eventually do break down, but they take a lot longer than toilet paper does. The breakdown of the wipes takes far too long when you think of the plumbing. It can lead to blockages and clogged pipes around the house. This can mean high costs for homeowners to unclog their pipes.

When the ‘flushable’ wipes are sent down your plumbing, they are prone to getting caught with any other items that may be down there. Studies show that they are absolutely terrible for your plumbing system. Thick ply of toilet papers, dental floss, cotton swabs, cleaning pads, and paper towels are common items that can get flushed and turn into a bad clog inside the plumbing.

There can also be a lot of debris, dirt, and hair in the pipes. The wet wipes can get stuck in them and create an even bigger clog in the plumbing.

What Items Are Safe to Flush?

Expert plumbers in Mesa, AZ, and manufacturers do consider flushable wipes that have been tried and tested. But even so, you should proceed with caution. Flushing down wipes can increase the risk of your pipes and sewer lines getting clogged. The only thing you should be flushing is toilet paper since it breaks down easily. Other than that, no homeowners should flush anything down the drain –other than the obvious.

Plumbers in Mesa, AZ

If you have a clog in the house, make sure that you call high-quality plumbers in Mesa, AZ. Any home that frequently has to deal with clogs should call a plumber because there may be an underlying issue you are missing out on. This is an issue that you need to address soon before the problem turns into an even bigger mess.