Common Signs to Consider for a Water Heater Repair in Gilbert, AZ

It’s usually in the winter season when homeowners realize the true importance of a water heater. It’s the time when the temperature falls below zero degrees, and living without a well-functioning water heater is nearly impossible. A poorly functioning water heater can turn simple household activities such as doing dishes, washing clothes, etc., into lofty chores.

You should know fundamental problems related to water heaters so that you can differentiate a poor water heater from an operational one. To assist you in this regard, we bring you a few common warning signs of a failing water heater. Have a peek!

1.     Rumbling, Squealing, and Grinding Sounds

This is one of the most apparent signs of a failing water heater that necessitates the assistance from a professional.  These unwanted sounds are often due to the result of accumulated sediments at the bottom of the tank. What happens is when the tank heats up, the debris start to harden up, leading to poor operation of the water heater. When this goes untreated, the unit deteriorates and gets to the point beyond functional.

2.     Brownish/Reddish Water

If you see colored water coming out of your faucets, don’t ignore it. It’s an emergency situation that needs to be taken into account immediately. Water tinged with a strange color – red, orange, or brown, means rust has accumulated on water heater components and is corroding away your pipes or the entire heater itself. Whatever be the case, report it to a professional plumbing company immediately.

3.     Dampness Around Your Water Tank

Every homeowner should bear this in mind that the surrounding of a water unit should never be wet. In case you see it damp, do not ignore it as it is a clear indication of a much serious issue and should be tackled by experienced plumbers at the earliest.

Dampness around a water heater occurs when the metal body of the unit suffers from minor fractures here and there. This often results in water leakage when the water heats up.

4.     Aging Unit

Sometimes, the issue with a water heater is that it grows old and weak. Because of that, it starts to show apparent signs of wear and tear. By taking the professional’s help at the right time, you can extend the life of your water heater in no time.

In Conclusion

Just like any HVAC unit, your water heater is also a major component in your household. It should be looked into for daily repairs and maintenance. If you live in Gilbert, AZ, and are in need of immediate assistance from a reputable water heater repair company, head over to Gilbert Plumbing. The company is best known for its team of professionals who are well versed in dealing with a wide range of plumbing issues. Call on their 24/7 helpline number and utilize their emergency service right now!