Did You Hear That Strange Sound? A Guide to Household Plumbing Sounds

Ideally, you shouldn’t hear anything from your household plumbing in Gilbert, AZ, except the sound of running water. But, sometimes you hear unfamiliar and strange sounds coming out of your pipes. Don’t ignore them because it is your plumbing system telling you about a developing problem.

Let’s take a look at some common plumbing sounds and what they mean, so you know when it’s time to call a professional plumber:

· Banging

A loud banging, rattling or clanking sound coming out your pipes is an indication of water hammer.

A water hammer is caused due to surging pressure when water is suddenly forced to stop. Most often, it happens when the air chambers in the valves get clogged with water.

If left untreated, the water pressure will cause stress to the plumbing system. Water hammers are one the leading causes of lose joints and cracked or leaking pipes.

· Screeching

Has it ever happened that you turn on a faucet and hear a screeching sound before the water starts coming out of it?

There can be two reasons: a loose or faulty piece.

Replacing the faucet is the simplest way to deal with this plumbing issue.

· Gurgling

A gurgling sound is most often the sign of a clogged drain – one of the most common issues of household plumbing in Gilbert, AZ.

Clogs can occur due to a variety of reasons. Hair, sanitary napkins, soap scum, food particles, fruits and vegetables peels, and grease are the major culprits. These things can get stuck in the drain pipes and obstruct the water flow. When water tries to pass through a clog, you hear a gurgling sound.

While gurgling sounds are mostly the sign of drain clogs, sometimes they may occur due to a problem in the drain vents. When the drain vents are not working properly, air gets trapped in them and when the water flows through these drains, you hear a gurgling sound.

What to Do When You Hear an Unusual Plumbing Sound?

While many people try different DIY methods to resolve the household plumbing issues, they often turn out to be a waste of time, money, and energy. Save yourself from the trouble and call a professional plumber, like the Gilbert Plumbing Service in Gilbert, AZ. Sometimes, the plumbing sounds are hinting towards much bigger issues than we think and cause huge troubles, if not dealt properly.


Unusual plumbing sounds may not seem like something that needs your immediate attention, but they are potentially problematic and can create huge plumbing issues if not dealt with quickly. Listen to your pipes and understand the meaning behind strange sounds they are producing.