How to Prevent Basement Flooding in Your Home? | Plumbing in Mesa, AZ

Homeowners may not realize that basement flooding is a pretty prevalent issue throughout the country. When the seasons move from winter to spring, it is the most dangerous time in terms of floods. The melting snow and an increase in the amount of rain can flood the basement or even cause your plumbing to back up. Every house is at risk of basement flooding if you don’t take proper precautions. The water damage from the flooding can be quite costly to deal with, not to mention the growth of mildew and mold.

Fortunately, prevention plumbing in Mesa, AZ, can offer protection to your home.

Common Reasons for Basement Flooding

There are some common reasons why water damage can occur to the basement and house’s foundation. Staying aware of them can help you prevent a potentially dangerous situation from occurring. You should be careful about the following situations:

  • Frozen pipes
  • Plumbing or pipe leaks
  • Snow melting or rains
  • Cracked, broken, or damaged pipes
  • System backups and toilet clogs
  • Unsealed floors and walls in the basement
  • Back up of sewage

The steps you need to be taking need to counter these common reasons why basements can get flooded. Prevention is important if you want to avoid the costs of fixing water damage. You can always call professional plumbers in Mesa, AZ, to inspect your basement to outline the risks.

Flooding Prevention

Water flooding, small or large scale, will definitely result in damage to the house. You will have to face dire consequences if the water floods your basement. It can result in ruined belongings, damaged house structure, and even be a potential health hazard for the family. When water continues to stand in one place, it can lead to the growth of mold, which is really bad for your health. You should be calling for professional plumbing in Mesa, AZ, at the first sign of water.

Sump Pump

If the house you live in is prone to getting basement flooding, you should definitely consider investing in a sump pump. The sump pump will help you remove the groundwater from collecting under the home and redirects it away from the structure of the house. It is usually installed in the crawlspace or in the basement itself. It is a pretty effective way to counter the accumulation of water. We do recommend getting a backup battery for it since it runs on electricity; in case there is an energy outage, it should still work.

Ejector Pump

If your basement has a washroom and is properly finished, you may already have an ejector pump installed. Plumbing in Mesa, AZ, requires the use of gravity for it to work. If the bathroom pipelines are below the sewer lines, you will need an ejector pump to help the water move. If the pump breaks down, it can lead to significant problems in the sewer line. Even the ejector pump relies on electricity, so get a backup for that too.

Gilbert Plumbing offers expert services for plumbing that can help prevent flooding in your basement. They can inspect the basement and install the necessary precautions to keep your home safe.