Is Your Water Pressure Too High? Here Are 3 Signs to Check

You will often hear homeowners complaining about low water pressure, but most people tend to ignore the disadvantages of water pressure that’s just too high. If the water pressure of your home is excessive, it can start to wear down your appliances and pipes. This can result in high costs for replacements and repair for homeowners.

However, it isn’t easy to detect if the water pressure of the home is too high. The signs for high water pressure can seem too small or like unrelated issues with plumbing. Here are three signs that you could have water pressure that is way too high! If you spot any of the signs below, you should call for plumbing repair services in Arizona at once!

1. The Water Bill Is Unexpectedly High

Homeowners should regulate their water bills every month and compare them to old ones. Even a cursory glance will let you know whether the water bill is too high. You may just be using a lot of water in your home without even realizing that this is happening. If there have been no changes in water consumption, such as having more guests stay over, then your water pressure may be too high.

Normally, the water pressure should be around 40-60 PSI, but if it is going up to 80-100 PSI, the water is being pushed through your plumbing at rates that are way too high.

2. The Hot Water Doesn’t Last Long Enough

Aren’t hot showers supposed to last long enough to completely relax you? Well, if the hot water doesn’t last as long as it used to, it may mean that the hot water tank is filling up with cold water too quickly. This can disrupt the temperature regulation of the heater. The high water pressure will result in your heater having to overwork. This will result in a greater energy bill and an increased risk of leaks, wear and tear, and breakdowns.

3. The Pipes and Appliances Are Making Too Much Noise

All the extra tension on the pipes and appliances from the increased water pressure can create some strange noises. Regular humming and noises aren’t a big deal; however, if you find the constant rattling, howling, banging, and other strange noises coming out of your appliances and plumbing, call for plumbing repair services in Arizona. It can cause the mechanical parts and seal in the appliances to tear apart and even shorten the lifespan of your appliances.

Plumbing Repair Services in Arizona

If you feel like there are any problems with water pressure around the house, you should get in touch with Gilbert Plumbing. They can come around to inspect the home and will point out any issues with your plumbing system too.