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Plumbing Services Provided by Gilbert Plumbing

At Gilbert Plumbing, we offer a variety services. Whether you need piping service and repairs or a new water heater installation, we can provide you with the best services for you specific needs. Our plumbers are dedicated to ensuring the plumbing in your home or business is functioning perfectly. We service residential and commercial buildings.

You use the plumbing system in your home or business every single day, without a doubt. We understand how important your sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and hot running water are to your every day life. Because of this, we want to keep our customers satisfied by getting them back to their routine–cooking, cleaning, showering, and swimming–almost immediately. We dispatch our plumbers as soon as possible for your schedule, because we know how desperately you need their assistance. This includes emergency plumbing services by experienced plumbers, who will get the job done right, right away.

Here, you will find a list of plumbing problems that you may be experiencing in your home or business. You can also read more on what we service through our dedicated Residential Plumbing Services and Commercial Plumbing Services pages. These problems can become serious very quickly and can cause expensive damage if they are not taken care of. If you are experiencing any of these problems, do not hesitate to call us!

Common Residential Plumbing Problems

Ever hear pipes knocking while taking a shower? This is a scary sound to hear, and may mean that the pieces supporting your pipes might not be doing their job and need to be replaced. This sound could also be caused by too-high water pressure in your home. If avoided, this could cost hundreds of dollars in the future after one of those knocking pipes begins to leak.

Turning on your sink and not getting water pressure like you used to? There are plenty of causes to this problem, some being more serious than others, but it is hard to tell without help from an experienced plumber, It could be caused by a clogged pipe, a pipe that has burst, and is already leaking behind your wall, or damage to your home’s water heater.

Have you ever tried to unsuccessfully unclog your toilet? It’s time to contact a plumber. Things go down our drains, whether it is intentional with bathroom products or unintentionally by a exploratory and confused child, that don’t actually belong there and can potentially cause great damage to your bathroom.

A slow drain in your sinks or bathtub is an annoying issue, but doesn’t seem major. Many homeowners try to fix this with a DIY plumbing, that typically proves unsuccessful, or only temporarily fixes what could be–or turn into– a major problem. This draining issue could be caused by a damaged pipe or poor drainage. Remember, both of these causes secretly create a build up of water behind the walls of your home, which can lead to the growth of mold, being dangerous for you and your family. Gilbert Plumbing is here to help and keep your family safe!

A leaky faucet might seem like a minor issue, and nothing but a few dollars more per month on your water bill, but it can be caused by something much bigger. Possible causes of a leaking faucet include too-high water pressure, poor draining of unused water, or damaged valves.

Seeing colored water sounds disturbing, and the cause depends on the color. Opaque or white running water shows that there is air in your pipes, while water with a brown tint (may also appear red or yellow) means rust, usually due to old piping or a broken water main. Seeing green, or even worse, blue, in your water shows corrosion. You should contact us as soon as you see one of these signs.

If water is not flowing through your sink properly, you have a problem on your hands. Many homeowners have little experience dissembling a sink or other appliance and it’s components. Low water flow could be caused by a clog or by build up, and you’ll want a plumber to come out to spot the problem and repair or replace the effected components.

A stopped-up garbage disposal is usually caused by something being put into or washed down the drain that does not go through a garbage disposal well. This is a dangerous repair to attempt if you are not an experienced plumber and can cause serious injury.

Strange noises coming from your dishwasher can be a cause for concern, but it may just be poorly filled with dishes or off-level. If you’ve eliminated both of these possibilities, and you still hear chattering or thumping sounds, there may be a valve issue that needs to be handled by plumber. A leaking dishwasher is similar, it may be poorly loaded, be filled with too much detergent, not closing properly, or off-level. If not, it could be a hose issue or a bad pump seal. The plumbers with Gilbert Plumbing are ready to assist with these issues!

Problems with receiving hot water can be a pain, especially right before a shower. If your water has been running for a few minutes and still hasn’t warmed up, you may be dealing with a leak in your water heater, or a water heater malfunction. Both issues may require a new water heater.

If you’re experiencing poor water softening, or noticing hard water, knowing you added salt to your water softener, there may be what is called a salt bridge built up in your softener. This is generally caused by adding too much salt, or from living in a high humidity area. An experienced plumber can have this fixed in no time.

Are your outdoor sprinklers having issues putting out water for your lawn? The sprinkler heads may need replacing, but it could also be an issue with the valves or a broken section of pipe. A professional from Gilbert plumbing can help you get your lush lawn back right away!

Common Commercial Plumbing Problems

A leaking faucet or pipe can be very detrimental to a company who uses their water often, like a restaurant. A leak can go unnoticed in such a busy environment and will result in the loss of thousands of gallons a year, along with a much more expensive water bill, something no business owner would like to cover. Leaks can also seriously damage a building is left unchecked.

A foul smell from drains and pipes can turn customers away immediately. A clog or worn-out piping can cause this, and lose business for your company. A call to a plumber can have this fixed the same day, and get the traffic flowing back into your business.

When you run a business with foot-traffic from customers, you have to provide a well-functioning restroom. If your business is experiencing clogged toilets or low-water pressure from your sinks, you should get this looked at by a professional, for the sake of your customers, and to prevent these issues from becoming something bigger, that may damage your business.

A commercial water heater is much more complex than the one in your home. If you are running a medial office or restaurant, your employees need to have clean hands, and freezing water is unpleasant when washing up so often. Hot water loss, with a commercial water heater, is difficult to fix and should be handled by a professional.

Have a drain that repeatedly clogs up? This might be a bigger issue than you’d expect, and may mean it’s time to replace pipes in your building. Gilbert Plumbing will help fix this issue and get your business running again!


If you are experiencing any of these issues in your home, contact us right away!


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