Signs that the Plumbing Job Has Been Done Poorly

Leaking faucets, faulty valves, clogged drains, or broken water pipes – every homeowner has to face one or all of these problems at least once, if not more, in their lives. Your home will need a plumber at some point. You just can’t deny this fact. You’ll come across numerous plumbers in your area, but not all of them will do the job equally well.

Sometimes, you may end up with poorly done plumbing work. It’s usually when you hire an inexperienced or cheap plumber or try to get done with the plumbing work hastily. In such a case, you need to hire a professional plumber and get the problems fixed again that the previous plumber failed to do.

The question is – how can you tell if the job was done poorly? We’ve listed down some signs of poorly done plumbing work for you to help you catch the issues before they become worse.

Prevailing Water Leaks

One of the signs that the plumbing job wasn’t done well is when the problem you hired the plumber for is still there. If you had a complaint of leaking pipes and hired a plumber to fix it, but the pipe is still leaking, slightly if not how much it was leaking previously, it’s a sign that the plumber didn’t do the job right.

Wobbly Showerhead or Faucet

Your showerhead, faucet, and all other fixtures must be tightly fitted. If they’re wobbly, it’s a sign they haven’t been installed right. If you got a new showerhead or faucet installed and it’s not fitted well, you know what it means – poor plumbing work. Wobbly fixtures can come loose any time, and it won’t be a good scene. If any of your plumbing fixtures feel loose, call a reliable professional soon to get it fitted right.

Poorly Fitted Joints

All your plumbing joints should be intact and fitted just right. If they’re not properly fitted, it can lead to costly repairs. The joints may come loose and cause flooding in your home. And these repairs don’t come cheap. They’re hefty expensive. If you suspect loose plumbing joints anywhere in your home, don’t wait for the problem to exacerbate. Call a professional plumber and get your plumbing joints fixed.

Untidy Caulking

Caulking should be installed neatly. The right plumber will measure the caulk and ensure that the installation of caulk is done precisely. If the caulk is all over the place and has been installed in an untidy manner, you can say for sure that the plumbing work was done poorly.

The plumbing problems that seem insignificant right now can become major issues in the future if you don’t get them fixed. Just getting the problems fixed isn’t important; getting them fixed by the right professionals is what counts. If you notice any signs indicating the plumbing work isn’t done right, get the problems fixed by the right plumbers soon.