Ten Reasons to Replace Your Bathtub

Are you a fan of long, relaxing baths after a hectic day? However, if your time in the tub is not giving you the satisfaction of quality time, then you need to replace it. We know the importance of a perfect bubble bath, so we have curated a list of visual signs of when to replace a bathtub to make your decision easier.

Ten Reasons Your Bathtub Needs a Replacement


The pain and cringe you feel when there is the first stain on your perfectly neat bathtub is one of the natural human reactions. The urge to not take a bath grows more with the number of stains. Let’s be honest: Who wants to spend time cleaning themselves in an aesthetically unpleasing bathroom? No one.

Chipped it?

Bathtubs usually get chipped often, and once it is chipped in one place, the number of chipping incidents becomes more frequent.


Chips always lead to cracks in the tub, which are unpleasant to the eyes and dangerous. The cracks have extremely rough edges, which can cut your skin if rubbed against it accidentally. Before they turn out into leaks, call a plumbing service to fix those cracks.


Cracks eventually turn out to be the source of the leak in the bathtub, and it is advised not to let it come to this stage as it will ruin your floors and other furniture in case you have a luxurious washroom. The water seeps into the walls and floor, gaining moisture and creating a place for mildew and mold.

Bacteria manifestation

The bacteria in the form of mold and mildew can grow into cracks causing a health risk for you. This is the time to replace your bathtub.

Slippery smooth

The bathtub’s surface becomes smoother with time because constant soap and water erase the roughness and sturdiness of the tub. You can slip and break a bone against the ceramic surface very easily. To avoid such unfortunate incidents, invest in a new bathtub.


With your body constantly growing and changing, it isn’t easy to fit in the bathtub that was bought in your teen years. With age, some things are supposed to be let go of.

Ease of Use

As your age increases, hand-to-foot coordination becomes fuzzy, making you prone to slips. If the sides of the tub are too high, there is a chance of tripping and causing an accident.


Since the whole concept of a bathtub is based around comfort, then if there is no comfort, then what’s the use of the tub? Many new models in the market are designed to give a luxury feel that can be bought.


The tub’s material is another factor that will give you the go-ahead to change your tub. Some tubs are made of light materials and can break easily. If you have money, then invest in a safer tub option.

If you feel your issues with a bathtub can be solved by repairing, then calling a plumbing service for inspection might be the right choice.